When it comes to women’s health, the individual is Connie Moler’s highest priority. She believes caring for a patient means taking the time to understand their concerns, and what is unique about their situation. She listens to her patients, always looking for context. Her ability to combine medical expertise with specialized, patient-focused care is reinforced by her diverse educational background.

Connie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Indiana University before going on to Vanderbilt University, where she earned her Master’s in Nursing. She knew early on that she wanted to work with women, and she became a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner soon after graduating. She then went to work at The Women’s Group Of Northwestern in Chicago, where she practiced for ten years. After a decade at that prestigious institution, she and her family moved to Florida, where she worked at Partners in OB/GYN in Tampa for thirteen years. Partners in OB/GYN is a large practice, and home to a team of fantastic doctors, but Connie was thrilled when the opportunity arose to work at Dr. Vahora’s private practice.

Medical care, for Connie, has always been about putting the patient first. At Dr. Vahora’s practice, Connie is empowered to make decisions on-site, involving the patient whenever possible. No decisions are made externally, and each patient can take comfort in knowing their care is in the hands of nurses and doctors who have spoken with them directly, and taken the time to understand their issues. This is particularly important for the services Connie provides, which include everything from well women care, to contraception, and the evaluation and treatment of health problems.

While Connie has more than two decades of knowledge and experience, she still takes time to understand each patient before applying her expertise. She views nursing as a two-way street. People come in with a problem, and through conversation, she’ll come to understand the best way to approach their care. She also often leaves looking at things in a new way. That drive toward interpersonal exchange is at the core of her care, and it touches all the work she does.

Inspiring Women to Live Their Best Life by Providing Compassionate Care.

All care is personal.


Connie Moler is married, with two children. In her off-time she loves to travel with her family. Over the years, she’s enjoyed watching Tampa grow and evolve. She lives in the quiet area of Trinity, where her children can play outside and ride their scooters around, but Connie is also drawn to the exciting diversity of downtown Tampa. She likes to sample local cuisines, and loves the opportunity to visit up-and-coming restaurants. She’s excited to see how Tampa will continue to change, and what the future will bring to the already thriving city.

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As we age, every part of our bodies develops and changes. The vagina is no exception, and it is no exception…


A minimally invasive surgical technique which results in shorter recovery periods, less pain, and less scarring.


Dr. Vahora is highly trained in innovative approaches to relieving her patients from pelvic pain and endometriosis.


With this technique, Dr. Vahora performed the first single-site hysterectomy in North Pinellas County, leaving no visible scar.

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