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Gynecologist Visit – Virtually

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, our focus remains on keeping our patients and staff safe. In an effort to provide quality care while decreasing on-site foot traffic in our practice, Parveen S. Vahora MD PA is happy to announce the availability of virtual visits.

A gynecologist visit online allows our patients to connect with our health care providers via a smartphone, laptop, or other connected mobile device. Visits are conducted via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, allowing you to comfortably discuss anything you’d normally discuss during an in-person visit.

We’re committed to helping you maintain your health and wellness during these unprecedented times, and conducting your gynecologist visit virtually will help us stay connected—while maintaining social distance.


What is a virtual visit?

Virtual visits are video calls with Dr. Vahora. These visits allow us to offer care to our patients in the comfort of their home. Patients will be able to discuss issues with their provider, have medication prescribed, and more.

Can virtual visits be used for Covid-19?

Patients can request a visit with their provider to discuss any symptoms. Should you meet the Florida Department of Public Health screening criteria, your provider can refer you for Covid-19 testing.

Are virtual visits covered by insurance?

A virtual visit will be billed the same as the equivalent in-person visit, meaning that in the majority of cases, virtual visits will be covered by insurance. Co-pays may apply and will vary depending on the insurance provider.

What can virtual visits be used for?

Virtual visits can be used for many appointments a patient would normally make with their provider. These include new patients, problem visits, follow-up visits, genetic counseling and testing, and more.

How can I schedule a virtual visit?

Patients can call 727-376-1536 or email or text 813-548-4412 to schedule a virtual visit.

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Getting Ready for Your Virtual Visit

Click the link below for instructions on getting ready for your virtual visit with our office. There’s a great tip sheet to walk you through preparing for your virtual visit and logging in.

gynecological visit - virtual

The Doctor Is In!

Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual doctor visits! You’re going to love it!

Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the 21st Century and that includes video conferencing. It’s been a useful business tool for years. Today, COVID-19 has changed it from being a useful tool to becoming a necessary tool. It’s easily accessible and everyone can use it to meet with remotely located family, business associates, and meeting with your doctor! All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet and you’re ready to meet with me virtually.

OK, I know your next question… “Will a virtual gynecological visit work for everything?” The short answer is “no” it won’t. There will be occasions that will warrant a physical in person meeting. In general, however, nine times out of ten a virtual appointment is all that’s needed.

The advantages of virtual doctor visits are numerous, especially today in our COVID-19 climate. It’s safe. You visit from your home so there is no risk of coming into contact with someone who is ill. Put COVID-19 aside and being virtual also protects you from all sorts of germs, like influenza, for example.

I’m anticipating that your next question will be “Will my time with the doctor be rushed?” No! You will have a reserved “slot” of time with me. And because it’s in such a relaxed condition, you may even find you are spending more time with me!

Another advantage is that virtual visits are really convenient. You can “attend” your virtual appointment from anywhere! By the pool, at a campsite out of town, anywhere! And, it’s a real time-saver too. No travel time or traffic jams to deal with. And no need to gas up the car!

Prepare for your virtual visit in advance. You’ll want to make the most of your time with me. You’ll have my complete attention and remember, I’m here to help, so don’t hold back! Make a list of your questions, list any issues you are experiencing, and have paper and pen handy so that you can take notes during our visit.

Don’t be intimidated by a virtual visit. It may be new to you, but you’ll get the hang of it right away. Worried about how you’ll look? Leave some distance between you and the camera in your device so that you don’t look distorted by being too close. Another plus is that you don’t have to dress up! A good rule of thumb though is to not dress just from the waist up as the camera can shift down or you might stand up!!

Virtual Doctor visits are a real “plus.” After all, you get to spend some quality time with me, your Doctor. No waiting in the reception area, and most important, no rushing. Your designated appointment time is yours and yours alone. No one is waiting in the next room. And once we’ve completed your gynecological appointment, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!