Before meeting Dr Vahora I was traveling back to Illinois for my women’s healthcare. I had visited several other local doctors with no success. Dr Vahora is very nice but more importantly thorough in her care of her patients. I would highly recommend her for all women’s health needs.
Salimah K.

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Im in my 50s and Dr Vahora is my all time fav gyn! She takes time to listen and discuss my situation with thoughtful fact based information I can understand. I can also highly recommend the Mona Lisa laser treatment. From my original procedure in 2017 to the touch up I just got, the results have been life changing
Kathryn G.

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Excellent, efficient care and the staff is wonderful. I love being Dr Vahora’s patient.

Dr. Vahora and her team are great! She is very professional and stays up to date on the latest surgical techniques and other non-surgical treatments. I highly recommend her no matter what age group you may be in.


I switched to Dr. Vahora after seeing the same doctor for 20 years. I needed a fresh perspective on a problem I was enduring for as many years with little help. She instantly understood my concerns and was willing to hear me out and gave me many choices to solve my issues. She is patient but she is a straight shooter- she does not sugar coat anything. She knows her craft and she knows it well. I feel comfortable telling her anything. She is a gem in a field where people want to put a band-aid on issues… she wants to solve your problems. I adore her.


I’m very glad that I found Dr. Vahora. I moved here from California and was nervous in finding a new doctor. I’m very pleased with the service I received from day one. The staff is very respectful and make you feel comfortable. Dr. Vahora is very professional and knows what she’s doing. After months of suffering and not knowing what I had I went to see her she and was able to find out what was wrong with me and took care of me. Now I’m feeling better and it’s thanks to her. Thank you Dr. Vahora.


Hello Ladies, I’ve decided to give my honest review here because you all know that’s what we want to read before making an appointment. Previously I had a pap & was given a cream & out I went without a follow up or further testing for pain I was having. I’m now at a point where I have researched everything that can go wrong. I searched the internet to find a Dr that didn’t deliver babies and focuses on women’s gynecologic issues only.

Happy to say after a long search it payed off. Dr Vahora got me in right away after I told the receptionist my problem.

Now I’m getting all the tests I needed to find the cause. Was also so convenient to have the imaging office right next to hers, WIN.

The office is so clean, the girls at the desk are so accommodating with all the forms to get them right.

Dr Parveen Vahora is absolutely great at what she does, I was educated every step of the way. She gave me the facts & let me decide on what I wanted to move on to for better health.

I know I’m in good hands finally, that right there relieves my stress.

Thank You Dr Vahora for being you.


Dr. Vahora is one of the best doctors i have ever seen, she gives her patients excellent care ,and she gives them all her attention not treating them as just number but as human that need to be treated and cured, i highly recommend her


By her guidance, knowledge and compassion for what I was dealing with helped me get answers. No woman should have to go through what I went though for so long.


A true visionary and advocate for women’s health! Straight talk, honest assessment, great bedside manner, and so very helpful. The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is so far a life changer for me. Thank you, Dr. Vahora!!


I came to Dr. Vahora just before my 50th birthday with concerns about vaginal atrophy, painful sex and overall vaginal dryness. I am post menopausal and thought sex was no longer pleasurable anymore because it hurt so much due to my atrophy and dryness that comes with menopause. I am a breast cancer survivor so my options for treatments were limited due to the dangers of being put on hormones long-term. She told me about a new modality called Mona Lisa Touch Laser. It is virtually painless treatment where she inserts a probe into the vagina for less than 5 minutes and after 3 treatments, sex was no longer painful AT ALL! In fact, it was pleasurable for the first time in over 5 years!


Thank you VERY much for your TLC you have shown me. You are a team of professional caring women that have touched my life. I appreciate each of you!


Honestly the BEST care I have ever received. The staff is so helpful and kind! They were so quick and understanding to get me in to see the doctor in a time of need. The doctor really cares and her time is your time when you’re with her. Can’t recommend them enough! Plus the office and rooms are lovely Iike the doctor & staff.


I would like to share that she is incredibly passionate about helping her patients. I think it is admirable that she is an advocate for non-narcotic pain relief in her practice. I highly recommend this practice.


I am a physician and have been a patient of Dr. Vahora’s for years. Not only have I referred some of my patients to Dr. Vahora, but my family members have been operated on by this very capable doctor. She is a great asset to our community!

DR. C. L.

For whoever is tempting considering the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, I would say, just do it!! I kept hearing about it and I was not sure I really needed it, I felt like my sex life was okay, so I thought. For my 40th birthday , I decided to do it and see if I could make it the best year yet. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my intimate life. I constantly am constantly “wet” and never need to use lubrications. I have had orgasms that I didn’t even know I could have! My partner is very ecstatic and it has brought us closer together as a couple. Best gift I could have ever given to myself, I would do it again in a heartbeat.


My girlfriend had the Mona Lisa you have procedure done and the results have been incredible. I cannot describes how happy it makes me that she is so ready to make love to me. I am having to train harder at the gym to keep up with her!!! I would highly recommend purchasing this for your significant other.


I just wanted to thank Dr. Parveen Vahora!!!! She is a very amazing Doctor. I was told by numerous surgeons that they could not fix my problems, that they had never seen anything like it and that it was very dangerous. I went to see Dr. Vahora before my next move (which was going to be a research hospital somewhere) she looked at the pictures….said she could take care of the problem. Sent me to see an additional surgeon that would work right beside her on this. And she did it without major surgery even :). I would recommend her to anyone; and I will. She is brilliant!! All doctors and surgeons should be like her. Thank you again Dr. Vahora. I will see you next year.

C. W.

Dr. Vahora’s office is different. During my first visit to Dr Vahora’s office, I noticed an immediate “woman’s touch”. I found myself waiting for Dr. Vahora in a real, luxurious bathrobe. I was also given a real cotton sheet to cover …


Every experience is a personal one, & its always done with respect & courtesy.


Dr. Vahora’s approach to the complete body & mind health care is rare and makes her stand out above all others. Her Interstitial Cystitis specialty and non-invasive treatment of IC is invaluable. She listens and works with the patient for the best outcome. She is knowledgeable and progressive in her treatment methods.


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As we age, every part of our bodies develops and changes. The vagina is no exception, and it is no exception…


A minimally invasive surgical technique which results in shorter recovery periods, less pain, and less scarring.


Dr. Vahora is highly trained in innovative approaches to relieving her patients from pelvic pain and endometriosis.


With this technique, Dr. Vahora performed the first single-site hysterectomy in North Pinellas County, leaving no visible scar.